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01 Products

From strategic advisory consulting, SaaS/PaaS intuitive solutions delivery, IT maintenance, custom development to managed services, Decentral has the expertise to improve your operation.

SaaS /PaaS/ IaaS Solutions - Decentral provides its clients with all the categories of cloud computing services be that Software (SaaS), Platform (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). All these solutions are designed and developed to maximally support client’s business in growing market demand and competitiveness by having reliable applications, hardware and software tools as well as infrastructure components maintenance all done by a single partner:

At Decentral LTD, Information technology is what we do. Decentral is the technology headquarter office of a group of autonomous IT companies, which distributed control of its critical services within the teams allocated in diverse regions: the USA, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Cyprus with clients and partners spread all over the world: the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Initially starting with the development of e-commerce platforms and user account management systems, today we have grown into a full-cycle software development and IT company working now for diverse industries.

While being a small and relatively young member of a multicultural unity Decentral, geographically based in Georgia, is responsible for the IT infrastructure development and security of all the remote partner offices as well as of the companies of its own clients.


02 Services


03 Our Team

In terms of business management decentralization has proven its superiority over centralization for today’s mobile

world needs.


Having consisted of independent teams dispersed across multiple geographic locations and specialists with different cultural backgrounds, we understand that the main success factor lies in the foundation of an appropriate cooperation model between all the offices.


Thus, all our team members demonstrate not only high professionalism while working with clients but also maintain strong work ethic, integrity and sense of teamwork with colleagues from all of our remote partner offices.


04 Career

As a startup, Decentral is filled with humble and honest desire to contribute to the development of IT industry by ushering in new technologies, methodologies and solutions. To achieve this we need a team of people being on the same wavelength, fearless of becoming pioneers in shaping a new company with unique company policy and business management standards. Come join Decentral at our IT office in Georgia, Tbilisi. We have many recognized companies as customers, and most importantly, really smart, fun, inspiring and creative people from all over the world as colleagues.

Why Georgia?

Georgian economy is being actively developed with substantive changes implementation in the local regulatory framework to attract new local and foreign business investments. Thus, Georgia has become a perfect place where the phrase ‘ease of doing business’ is realistic and precisely reflects the business climate in the country.


4 Besik Street, #410
(Besiki Business Center), 
Tbilisi 0108,


Email: info@decentral.ge

Tel: +995 599 997 717

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